The technological, photographic and artistic worlds finally come together in a graphic  reproductive technique called inkjet printing. The process generates beautiful collectable fine art prints. Giclee prints digitally capture every nuance of an original painting. Lush and velvety, they have the feel of a water-color and the look of a serigraph or original lithograph.
The color quality in this ink jet technology is excellent. The preciseness of this printing method creates up to 32 gray levels for each color. It also achieves a smoothness of color steps in the gray scale which matches photographic processes. There are up to 512 shades of gray possible. This method gives a print a depth of color along with the appearance of continuous tone for an amazing effect.


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Psyche's Dream Breath of Gaia Ice and Fire
"Psyche's Dream"
Price: WAS $99.95 NOW $49.99

"Breath of Gaia"
Price: WAS $99.95 NOW $49.99

"Ice and Fire"
Price: WAS $99.95 NOW $49.99

Flora Flora Once in a Blue Moon Sweet Synergy
Price: WAS $99.95 NOW $49.99

Price: WAS $99.95 NOW $49.99
"Once in a Blue Moon"
Price: WAS$99.95 NOW $49.99

"Sweet Synergy"
Price: WAS $99.95 NOW $49.99

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